Bob Kruithof

Hard rock bassist

Rock & Roll the good old way

In return for fixing a friend's washing machine, Bob's father received a second hand 1983 Hamer Cruisebass that was put in the living room.

As soon as Bob saw the glorious instrument, he fell in love with it and claimed it for himself. He learned how to play by playing along with songs from the Golden Earring, Dire Straits, Toto but also Nirvana, Metallica, System of a Down, Muse, Incubus and later Symphony X. Bob started his musical career in 2006 when he joined the Deltion Collega to become a professional artist. Bob was influenced by Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas, Steve Vai), Alex Katunich (Incubus), Micheal Lepond (Symphony X), Marcus Miller and Gary Willis (Tribal Tech).

Making waves

Bob was the bassist for the progressive rock band Make Waves. After two years of writing songs and refining their sound and their image, the Make Waves Band was ready to rock in 2010.

Quickly gaining popularity, the band played with local talented heroes and well known bands like Audio Adam, Mother Misery, Tarball, Soulstar, Dotan, Handsome Poets, Rigby, Fuse and Martyr.
In december 2010 Make Waves did their first live gig on the dutch national radio station 3FM in the show Turbulent, hosted by Bert van Lent. Their first cd (demo) was released in may 20122.

In the next year the band participated in a benefit show for KWF Kankerbestrijding in Deventer, and had their biggest show in their hometown Zutphen on the Woodwall Festival in june 2011. Still going strong, they did several shows until Bob left the band in october 2012 to focus on his career as a Web Application Developer.


Bob did a few side-projects during his time in the Make Waves Band. He played with Kimberly Maasdamme (The Young Beethovens),
Gus Genser (Wild Romance), Ivo Maarhuis (Izegrim), Berry Vink (Woodstar, Vandersteen, Bertolf, Splinter),
Michel Krassenberg (Wide Open, Vandersteen, Six Strings),
Pascal Schouten (Glasses & Mustaches) and Adrian de Lange (Glasses & Mustaches, Future Idiot?) and
worked with Jan Kisjes for musical productions.

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Gear: Instruments and stuff

Here is an overview of the gear Bob uses


  • 1982 Hamer Cruisebass USA with custom fitted Drop-D switch
  • 1983 Custom Westone Concord
  • Aria Pro II Magna series (sunburst) with custom fitted Drop-D switch
  • Curstom built Jazzbass out of Fender licensed parts, all black.


  • Rotosound Billy Sheehan Signature strings .43 - .110
  • Elixir 14652 light strings .45 - .100
  • Elixir 14677 light strings .45 - .105
  • Black Diamond black coated nickel .45 - .105


  • Hartke HA5500 500 WATT amp
  • Hartke 4x10" cabinet with aluminum speakers
  • Hartke 1x15" cabinet with aluminum speaker
  • BOSS GT-6B pedal board

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